Connect your BigCommerce store to FreightDesk Online

If you have installed the Real-time Shipping Quotes app then you need to follow the following instructions to connect your BigCommerce store with FreightDesk Online.

  1. Log in to FreightDesk Online account.
  2. Click on your avatar located in the top right-hand corner of the browser window. Copy your FreightDesk Online ID which will be located below your company name.

Return to the BigCommerce ADMIN area. Click Apps and then Real-time Shipping Quotes by Eniture Technology. In the app’s navigation menu, select FreightDesk Online.

Enter your FreightDesk Online ID and then click the Connect button.

Now that you’ve connected FreightDesk Online, unfulfilled orders will automatically appear in FreightDesk Online. To view them, log into FreightDesk Online and click on Orders in the navigation menu. You’ll need to connect your shipping providers before you can start shipping. You can find a quick start guide in FreightDesk Online by navigating to Help > Getting Started.